Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Corporation. (hereafter referred as “SPE”), who was company re-named in July 2013 from Shengli Engineering and Consulting Co., Ltd. – SLECC, is a National Class A Survey and Engineering Company. It is regarded as a leader in produced water treatment and offshore oilfield engineering as well as being a leading company for water treatment center in China petroleum industry. SPE also is a key science and technology research company within SINOPEC and is one of the National Top One Hundred Survey and Engineering Companies in China since 1998.


 SPE is the member of International Pipeline and Offshore Contractor Association (IPLOCA), FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and SPE.

At present, SPE has more than 1048 employees, of which 785 are qualified survey, engineering and R&D staff including 5 senior professor-ranked engineers, 152 senior engineers, 283 engineers, 131 state-registered engineers, 30 supervisors and 6 government awarded specialist

SPE has more than 30 disciplines including oil and gas gathering, processing, fuel gas delivering and distributing, produced water treatment, water injection, water engineering, offshore oil engineering, oilfield chemistry, automation, computer application, electricity, tele-communication, architecture, thermal engineering, scientific & technological information, geo-technical engineering, engineering survey tech-economy, archive etc.

SPE is ISO9001 certified and has 17 Class-A and 16 Class-B qualified certificates, including the Design Qualified Certificate for Pressure Pipeline, the Design Approved Certificate for Pressure Vessel, and the Certificate for Pile Foundation Inspection & Measurement, and the State Measurement Certificate for Oilfield Chemical Inspection.   

SPE can undertake the survey and exploration, planning, and engineering and design for such projects as the international oil and gas field development, either onshore or offshore, urban & rural construction, electricity, communication, and municipality; the engineering consultation and project cost estimate, EPC contract and supervision; the comprehensive technological research and experiment on oilfield surface process technology, and municipal engineering technology; the design and R&D of non-standard equipments and pressure vessels; the R&D, pilot-plant test and scale-up, and production of oilfield chemical agents, and the performance test and evaluation of various chemicals; the analysis and test of oil, gas and water, and some special analysis; the design, R&D, installation of industrial automatic systems, and the development and manufacture of various instruments. SPE obtained the business certificate for the foreign economic co-operation in 2002.



Since the establishment, SPE has finished the survey, design, planning and supervision activities for more than 60 oilfield surface construction projects in the provinces of Shandong, Henan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai, etc., the public architecture projects such as the China National Demonstration Zones in the cities of Shandong’s Dongying and Xinjiang’s Ku Erle, and the municipal and the environmental projects. SPE has conducted the extensive technological exchanges and cooperation with U.S., Japan, Germany etc., as well as the Qinghua University, Petroleum University and China Science Research Institute. The engineering & design that SPE furnished in the international market include West Kuwait oilfield, Tarara field in Peru, Intercampo field in Venezuela, and seven skid-mounted units for US EDC Company.

Since its establishment, SPE has won 313 achievement prizes in oil and gas exploration, engineering & design and scientific research work, of which 21 prizes at national level and 110 in provincial and ministerial level. Six scientific payoffs have been possessed as the proprietary technologies by SINOPEC and 27 payoffs granted China’s state patents. The 100% contract performance has come to the fruition of company honor of “Strictly abide by contracts with credit observation” for years and the “Advance Unit of Chinese Project Construction Management” awarded by the Ministry of Construction of China during the period of eighth five-year plan. SPE has been evaluated as one of the Top One Hundred Survey and Engineering Enterprises for the 3 consecutive years since 1998 and awarded the “Provincial Civilization Enterprise” by Shandong province since 1991.


   It is the goal of SPE to establish an international engineering company with a top rated capability in engineering, procurement and construction; a company capable of achieving international recognition and featuring a diversified business scope, modernized technology and equipment and scientific project management.